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Edible Body Paint

Body Paints [BP]

Become an artistic painter or draw on your lover with our four pack of body paints including a paint brush.

$13.00 ea.Qty: 
Body Paint That Glow In The Dark

Body Paints Glow [GBA]

Whether you do the painting or you are the canvas, both partners can enjoy the results with our glow in the dark paints. Paint brush included.

$15.00 ea.Qty: 

Sex Rocks [SR]

Place one sex rock in your mouth while engaging orally with your favorite partner. Then watch them thrill to new heights of sexual pleasure

$8.00 ea.Qty: 
Flavored Tattoos

Tasty Tattoos [TP]

Lickum & stickum tattoos. Assorted flavors and shapes.

$7.50 ea.Qty: 
Body Glitter

Shimmer Body Blush [SBB]

Gold dust shimmering powder with a powder puff applicator.

$8.00 ea.Qty: 
Body Glitter

Stardust Glitter #1 (Red) [SG1]

A gel based glitter, perfect to enhance the cleavage area. Comes with iridescent, red, gold and silver.

$8.00 ea.Qty: 
Body Glitter That Glows In The Dark

Stardust Glitter #3 (Glow) [SG3]

A gel based glow in the dark glitter. Comes in blue, yellow, green and pink.

$8.00 ea.Qty: 

Smooches Chocolate Dip Strawberries [SCDS]

Edible dusting powder

$12.00 ea.Qty: 

Smooches Vanilla Almond [SVA]

Edible dusting powder

$12.00 ea.Qty: 
Flavored Body Dust

Tickled Pink [TPP]

Wild berry (cotton candy) flavored dusting powder. Comes with a pink feather for application and tickling.

$10.00 ea.Qty: 

Gum Drops [GD]

Gum drops sold in package of one.

$7.00 ea.Qty: 
Nipple Rings

Nipple Ring [NR]

This pair of gold rings are applied to the nipple. When worn correctly the nipple appears to be pierced.

$12.00 ea.Qty: 
Nipple Rings

Tit Arousal [T]

With a noose on each end the chains hold them together. When you lie on your back it keeps your breast from going East and West.

$10.00 ea.Qty: 
Clit Jewelery

Clit Jewelry [CJ]

This clip is worn on the clit. It can be worn during intercourse for added stimulation.

$10.00 ea.Qty: 

Nipple Clamps [NC]

Unlock your inner goddess by applying clamps to the nipples. Adjustable

$20.00 ea.Qty: 

K.S. Honey Dust [KSH]

Kama Sutra Honey Dust secrets a gentle surprise with every kiss preferring a taste of nature's sweetest gift. This sensuous, edible powder is made with pure, natural honey, one of ancient India's most prized skin conditioners. Dust it on yourself and your lover, leaving a silky-soft glow, a delicate fragrance and a irresistible taste. Includes an air-tight canister, a satin pouch filled with powder and a handmade feather applicator designed to tickle more than your imagination.

$40.00 ea.Qty: 

K.S. Honey Dust Raspberry [KSHR]

Honey dust that is flavored with vine-ripened raspberries.

$40.00 ea.Qty: 

K.S. Honey Dust Strawberries & Champagne [KSHSC]

Honey dust that is flavored with vine-ripened strawberries.

$40.00 ea.Qty: 


Vibrating aids

A vibrator is a great way to add even more pleasure to your life. Ours come in every shape and size, from small finger vibes to larger  toys that feature various speeds, pulse patterns, and rotating  components.

Options like bullet vibrators and slip-on finger vibes offer intense  stimulation in a compact package. Perfect for discreet solo sessions and small enough to be used during your favorite positions with a partner,  bullets and finger vibes are the ideal size to throw into your purse or  suitcase for on the go pleasure.

From life-like dildos to brightly colored massagers, our full-size  vibrators all have one thing in common: the ability to deliver amazing  sensations.

Most of these toys offer various vibration modes, pulse patterns, and a tantalizing texture for different levels of pleasure. G-spot  vibrators and dual stimulators like the classic rabbit are specifically  designed to hit just the right spot, every time. With multiple  functions, shapes, sizes, and materials, our wide selection has  something for everyone.

Our sex toys are made from only the highest quality material,  whether it’s plastic, gel or silicone that you prefer. Many are even  waterproof so you can take your toy into the shower or bath without  worrying about it getting wet as you play.

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