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Vibrating Aids

Big O [BO]

waterproof made to hit the gspot to have the BIG O

$53.00 ea.Qty: 

Plastic Vibe 4in [4IN]

Personal vibrator has gentle vibrations and is perfect for a beginner.

$7.00 ea.Qty: 

G spot massager [GSM]

A variety of functions & speeds for g-spot charged orgasmic power!

$32.00 ea.Qty: 

Jelly Waterproof G-Spot [WPJG]

Not only can this vibe hit your g-spot but it can be taken along for water sports. Soft flexible jelly material.

$30.00 ea.Qty: 
Tongue Shaped Vibe

Mini Tongue [MT]

A magic tongue to tickle your fancy.

$40.00 ea.Qty: 

Orgasmic Gel [OG]

Waterproof , and phthalate free this toy with a dial control is a must for the lady wanting that orgasmic orgasm!

$36.00 ea.Qty: 

Pinky G-Spot [PG]

Four inch g-spot for the individual just starting with g-spot vibration.

$15.00 ea.Qty: 

Pulsatron [PULSA]

New Pulsatron the control box vibrates! It has 10 functions and comes with 2 plug in attachments.

$50.00 ea.Qty: 

Unidentified Vibrating Object [UVO]

Straight 7 inch vibe with stimulators on the end for an out of this world orgasm.

$20.00 ea.Qty: 

Amethyst [A]

Lavender jelly penis shaped vibrator.

$30.00 ea.Qty: 

Clitorific Pink [C-]

An eight inch jelly penis shaped vibrator that has bumps for clitoral stimulation. Available in pink only.

$25.00 ea.Qty: 

Deep Stroker Butterfly Vibe [DSBV]

An eight inch shaft penis shaped vibrator with 3 speed stroker tip and 3peed butterfly for clitoral stimulation. Available in pink only.

$95.00 ea.Qty: 

Expanda Dong [ED]

This is like no other! It is a soft realistic feeling vibe that with a few pumps will expand in size. Removable vibe bullet included. Not recommended for more than 30 pumps!

$65.00 ea.Qty: 

FUN Flex Man Brown [FFMB]

Eight inch flexible penis shaped vibe.

$16.00 ea.Qty: 

Multi-Speed Flexible [MSF]

Multi speed flexible vibrator. Life like phthalate free

$30.00 ea.Qty: 

Mighty Mouse [MOUSE]

5 speed 6 inch pleasure vibe couple friendly

$32.00 ea.Qty: 

Small Jelly Vibe [JT]

This is a great beginner vibe. That won't intimidate the smallest man. Made of a flexible jelly material.

$15.00 ea.Qty: 

Bad Boy [B-B]

This multi-speed jelly vibe has silver bearings in the shaft with a rabbit for clitoral stimulation. This is definitely one bad boy.

$65.00 ea.Qty: 

Discreet As Can Be [DACB]

this one is super quiet and is as discreet as can be!

$48.00 ea.Qty: 

Dream Vibe [DV]

Waterproof vibe with 3 speeds of rotation and 7 speeds of vibration and pulsation.

$85.00 ea.Qty: 

FUN Lapping Tongue [FLT]

The shaft is tongue shaped while the clitoral stimulator is a nose.

$40.00 ea.Qty: 

FUN Twister [FTW]

Two speed double vibration vibe.

$40.00 ea.Qty: 

Jack Rabbit [JR]

Beads rotate independently inside the variable speed rotating shaft with a rabbit for clit stimulation.

$45.00 ea.Qty: 

Jelly Mini Rabbit [JMR]

Small and powerful for anal or vaginal stimulation.

$35.00 ea.Qty: 

Jiminy Cricket [JC]

Intense vibration, rotating shaft & beads, clit tingling sensations, push button controls, phthalate free & waterproof.

$60.00 ea.Qty: 

Love Bug [LBUG]

Clit stimulator with 7 speeds

$36.00 ea.Qty: 

Lil Licker [LIL]

Amazing twisting action with clitorial stimulation.

$49.00 ea.Qty: 

Love Bird [LBIRD]

Ultra soft, stimulating 5 function waterproof love bird!

$32.00 ea.Qty: 

My Best Friend [MBF]

Toy for clit stimulation. Once you try this one you will see why it's your best friend.

$30.00 ea.Qty: 

Omazing Rabbit [OR]

Powerful vibrations & oscillations 10.6 inches long

$100.00 ea.Qty: 

Ring Finger Vibrator [RFV]

Fits the finger for a massage in the right spot

$50.00 ea.Qty: 

Super Fabulous Fun Fingers [SFFF]

Waterproof 10 functions to Rock your World!

$25.00 ea.Qty: 

Tri-me [TM]

A toy to tri ! Anal, vaginal and clitoral stimulation

$80.00 ea.Qty: 

Triple Climax [TCX]

Triple the action Triple the fun! Vaginal, clit & anal stimulation .

$50.00 ea.Qty: 

Waterproof Wall Banger [WWB]

Powerful, suction base with clit stimulator. Perfect for the shower or spa! Best of all clean up is a snap after the FUN!

$40.00 ea.Qty: 

Ahhh Vibe [AHHH]

10 body shaking rhythm bullet with removable textured sleeve Vibe from low to high, gradient burst, intermittent, surge, inta-surge, even step, roller coaster spurt, & pulsate.

$30.00 ea.Qty: 

B Bing [BBING]

with 2 options to plug in with 7 variations this one is sure to please

$40.00 ea.Qty: 

F.U.N. Cordless Bullet. Small [FCBS]

With the push of a button this bullet vibrates. These bullets are cordless and waterproof.

$15.00 ea.Qty: 

F.U.N. Micro Coated Egg. Small [FMSM]

A coated egg with a tail. When vibrating this tail is wagging more than you can imagine.

$35.00 ea.Qty: 

F.U.N. Micro Coated Egg. Large [FML]

A coated egg with a tail. When vibrating this tail is wagging more than you can imagine.

$40.00 ea.Qty: 

F.U.N. Turbo. [FTU]

It may be small but it’s powerful turbo, very quiet and discreet.

$18.00 ea.Qty: 

Kinky Stick [KS]

Waterproof finger ring massager

$24.00 ea.Qty: 

Impulse Pocket Pac [IPP]

Turbo with 5 variations

$30.00 ea.Qty: 

Micro Bullet [MB]

This powerful micro bullet has a soft coating with 4 speeds and is waterproof.

$35.00 ea.Qty: 

Super Mini [SM]

With the super mini you can buzz your lovers special spot with this vibrating silver bullet. The results will amaze you.

$13.00 ea.Qty: 

Turbo 8 [T8]

Turbo bullet with sleeve has 8 functions

$52.00 ea.Qty: 

Vibrating Panty Liner [VPL]

Multi speed bullet with panty liner and vita tone balls Code VPL

$45.00 ea.Qty: 

Y Bullet [YB]

Spend more pleasurable time on the web, with the Y Bullet. Plugs into any USB Port, no batteries required. Works with or without a web cam.

$40.00 ea.Qty: 

Clit Buddy [CBU]

Super stretchy clit teasin cock ring w/ rabbit for clitoral stimulation

$20.00 ea.Qty: 

Extreme Tongue [XT]

Worn by him for couple pleasure.

$30.00 ea.Qty: 

FUN Double Bunny Ring [FDBR]

Soft pink jelly cock ring with dual vibrating rabbit ears for anal and clitoral stimulation.

$40.00 ea.Qty: 

FUN Pleasure Ring [FPR]

A battery pack with vibrating egg which inserts into the jelly cock ring to arouse and please both partners.

$30.00 ea.Qty: 

FUN Pleasure Ring Refill [FPRR]

Jelly cock ring for the FUN Pleasure Vibrator.

$12.00 ea.Qty: 

His and Hers Rabbit [HHR]

Finally a c ring for both partners in mind! The rabbit stimulators have both partners in mind for enjoyment.

$60.00 ea.Qty: 

Jelly C-Ring [JCR]

Battery pack cock ring used to fascinate both partners.

$17.00 ea.Qty: 

Love Drop [LDROP]

Mega Stretch cock ring which has a vibrating coated egg that hangs down from the cock ring to be placed where ever the imagination guides you.

$25.00 ea.Qty: 

Mega Stretch C Ring [MSCR]

Great couple vibe made of super stretch material to fit all.

$40.00 ea.Qty: 

Mystique Love Ring [MLR]

A waterproof vibe with 7 pulsing functions that can be worn on the finger or penis.

$35.00 ea.Qty: 

Vibrating Glass Vibe [VGV]

Allergic to latex? Try this penis shaped vibrating glass vibe. It can be comfortably warmed by body temperature or warm water.

$99.00 ea.Qty: 

Vibrating Penis Extender [VPE]

Add some length and vibration to your man!

$35.00 ea.Qty: 

Bad Boy Buddy [BBB]

a vibration masturbation sleeve with removable bullet

$30.00 ea.Qty: 

Monica Brown [MOB]

A pocket pal sure to please! Realistic nose and mouth that vibrate around his shaft with tantalizing feelers in her throat allows him to achieve the ultimate blow job. Available in flesh and brown.

$25.00 ea.Qty: 

Prostate Stimulator [PS]

Vibrating device to experience explosive eruptions

$40.00 ea.Qty: 

Softy Vibe Sleeve [SVS]

A soft penis shaped sleeve to fit most 7in vibes.

$8.00 ea.Qty: 

Impotence Kit [IK]

Doctor recommended for impotence. This is a medical device and is not a novelty.

$200.00 ea.Qty: 

Pumper's Lube [PL]

Special formulated lube to be used with impotence kit

$34.00 ea.Qty: 
Vibrating Extension

Latex Vibrator [BW1360]

Ben Wa Latex vibrating extender.

$40.00 ea.Qty: 


Vibrating aids

A vibrator is a great way to add even more pleasure to your life. Ours come in every shape and size, from small finger vibes to larger  toys that feature various speeds, pulse patterns, and rotating  components.

Options like bullet vibrators and slip-on finger vibes offer intense  stimulation in a compact package. Perfect for discreet solo sessions and small enough to be used during your favorite positions with a partner,  bullets and finger vibes are the ideal size to throw into your purse or  suitcase for on the go pleasure.

From life-like dildos to brightly colored massagers, our full-size  vibrators all have one thing in common: the ability to deliver amazing  sensations.

Most of these toys offer various vibration modes, pulse patterns, and a tantalizing texture for different levels of pleasure. G-spot  vibrators and dual stimulators like the classic rabbit are specifically  designed to hit just the right spot, every time. With multiple  functions, shapes, sizes, and materials, our wide selection has  something for everyone.

Our sex toys are made from only the highest quality material,  whether it’s plastic, gel or silicone that you prefer. Many are even  waterproof so you can take your toy into the shower or bath without  worrying about it getting wet as you play.

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